Use the attached case study for the following research paper.

For your Cloud Computing Final Project, complete a case study to provide a practical reference to help enterprise Information Technology (IT) and business decision-makers adopt cloud computing to solve business challenges. The case study provides a way to evaluate the market from the point of view of your organization to select a cloud architecture and an implementation approach through the use of house staff, cloud vendor(s), or both.

An organization is expected to have any or all of the Cloud Computing models, depending on its needs for speed of execution, available resources, data protection and security needs, and an array of other reasons. Based on your case study, choose the most efficient cloud service and deployment model for your organization. As the organization’s consultant, provide accurate guidance to decision-makers on the selection of cloud service and deployment models. Take into consideration the organization’s size, IT Infrastructure, and other needs.

Follow the Step-by-Step Cloud Computing Prescriptive Series to guarantee a successful cloud deployment from the perspective of the cloud service consumer. During the Intersession, you completed steps 1-7 of your project for review. Use the feedback from the intersession assignments as you write your final analysis. Additionally, add steps 8-10 to your final analysis.

1. Introduction

2. assemble your team of senior management, IT, business (sales and marketing), finance, legal, and the administrative areas of the organization that can address various aspects of adoption. Explain their role in the phases of your cloud adoption project. (Min 2 pages)

3. elaborate on your business case and Enterprise Cloud Strategy. Develop an overarching cloud strategy in order to create the foundation for your project adoptions. Describe the elements of your strategic planning in your report. (2 pages)

4. select the type of cloud deployment model(s) you will use for your case study project. Develop a deployment plan and describe the elements of your plan in your report. (2 pages)

5. select the type of cloud service model(s) you will use for your case study project. Describe the patterns of implementation of the project infrastructure in your report. (2 pages)

6. select the most efficient method to design, develop and deploy a new cloud application for your case study project. This can be a struggle, and in many cases there is no right answer. Base your direction on the needs and capabilities of your organization. Describe your method to develop and deploy the new cloud application in your report. (2 pages)

Note: The design of the cloud application service is omitted since that should originate from the enterprise and requires the efforts of IT, business and administrative teams. The new service must have functional capabilities which meet the requirements of the target users and has a positive Return on Investment (ROI). It is critical that the design process is followed for the development and deployment activities.

7. review the policies and the service agreements of your cloud provider for your case study project. Provide a summary of what your company needs to consider to adopt these policies in your report. (2 pages)

8. describe your plan to prevent overreaction and paralysis to the concerns of security and privacy in the organization for your case study project. (2 pages)

Also provide me powerpoint presentation based on the research paper.

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