You will present a brief power point with the following content:

  • Identify air pollutants of greatest concern in your locality (can be up to four pollutants — whatever you find in your research as air pollutants of greatest concern)

  • Identify the health and welfare effects of the air pollutants
  • Identify the largest source for those pollutants, using a reliable reference as your source of information
  • Investigate the emissions data from this largest source of local air pollutant.  What are the actual emissions data for at least two of the air pollutants emitted by this point source?  If your largest emissions are from non-point sources, please examine what types of pollutants are emitted from these nonpoint sources and any data that can be obtained from nonpoint sources.
  • Briefly explain how at least one of the pollutants are sampled and analyzed.
  • Identify meteorological events that must be accounted for in managing this local air quality
  • Identify the relevant local and federal regulations for these air pollutants. 

???????How well do the actual emissions meet the regulatory limits? 

???????Explain why either the local or federal regulations would be more relevant in this case.

  • Identify regulatory air pollution control strategies for these four pollutants

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