Scenerio Case Study Provided Below:

April and Jordan worked in a small ad agency in Providence, Rhode Island  The firm started five years ago and was making a profit, but barely.  The ad agency needed some larger clients and put in a bid for a city government contract.  The firm was one of two agencies up for a large government contract to do the ad work for the Providence’s government day campaign.

April being preoccupied with a sick child left much of the work for Jordan to do.  Having pulled the entire presentation together Jordan went over everything the day before the final client meeting with April.  Since April had better speaking skills, they decided that April would present the majority of the work and Jordan would supplement information in a few areas.

The presentation was a huge hit.  The contract was awarded to the agency garnering April many accolades.  So grateful were the owners of the business, they approached April with a bonus check in the amount of $10,000.  April was torn because this money would help with the medical bills for his son but at the same time knew that Jordan did all the work and deserved the bonus money

Part 1: Ethical Dilemma

  1. What is the category of the ethical dilemma?  Why was this category selected?
  2. What is the ethical dilemma April is faced with now?  Explain why?
  3. Explain what April should do now.

Part 2: Ethics in the Workplace 

  1. Identify and discuss a minimum of three factors that contribute to employees not operating ethically in business?
  2. Identify and completely explain a minimum of two steps employees can take to making the most appropriate decisions when faced with an ethical situation.  Be sure to describe in detail;
  3. Discuss a minimum of three ways an organization can help employees make appropriate decisions when faced with making a mistake in judgment;
  4. Identify and discuss a minimum of two ways an organization can ensure that all parts of the organization operate ethically;
  5. Students will support the reasoning using the course material and the literature from external sources.  Note:  Whenever material is taken from any source, it must be cited and referenced;
  6. View and use the information under Week 4 Content on how to cite and reference the course material.

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