Individually, think about the organization that you have written about in the assignments you completed for weeks two and four and write a 1800 word APA paper:(Please specifically address the bullet points below. You do not need to provide the same background on the organization you provided previously. This paper should “add on” to prior information provided.)

– Proposing a measurement system that will measure the impact of your knowledge management plan that you have been building the past four weeks.  Be sure to include the types of measures, how you selected what you believe to be the right measure and support it with an evaluation statement explaining why you selected the type of measurement you selected, how you propose to analyze the results, and what management can expect over the long haul outlining a training plan that would develop the knowledge workers needed to support the organization’s overall strategic plan.

Include steps the organization would take to foster a learning environment for purposes of developing knowledge workers.

Identify how the organization would measure how the affect learning had on job performance, decision making, and organizational commitment.

Be sure to use a title page, an introductory paragraph, and first level headings that align with the assignment requirements and the Reference Page.  Be sure to note your team A, B, C  names and the names of each participating member on the team.

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