i want u to do this essay and it is about AB 199-toy guns is Calfornia state law that only became effective this year,  follow this guideline please.





  1. Identify or describe the law or policy by identifying it by name and briefly describing it. A “stand-alone” paragraph is the best way to present it.
  2. What is the purpose of the policy or the perceived “need” for the policy? (in case it is still a proposal and not an existing policy)
  3. Who are the “stakeholders” of the policy. Who will benefit, who will be adversely affected, who will be implementing it (what agency of the government), any particular “communities” or “interests” who will be affected by it.
  4. Strategic Triangle Analysis:
  • Is it substantively valuable that it will (or has) made or delivered things or services or qualitatively improved lives of constituents in an effective and efficient manner?
  • Is it legitimate (legally mandated) and politically sustainable?
  • Is it operationally and administratively feasible? In other words, will the policy work, as envisioned?

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