Empowerment is the key to creating followers in the organization.  Empowerment is about letting others make decisions and share the workload.

Theme #2: A leader has to know the difference between leading through influence and leading with authority.

  Influence vs. Authority?

Please read the readings below to answer the question above:

Theme One is simply how do you empower people? The student should differentiate motivation from empowerment. It might also be useful to go back to week one and review the idea that motivating followers is really a better tool for the manager rather than the leader because it can be specific in nature and answer an intrinsic or extrinsic need of the follower. Empowerment is the tool of choice for the leader primarily because it must be insured through the organizational structure and culture. The leader is creating structural empowerment and building trust to keep the vision and future clear for forward motion.

Learning Activity 1 (leader-follower relationship)

leader-follower relationship

Go to this site above and complete the activities and then post per the instructions on the eighth slide


Learning Activity 2 (leader-follower relationship) Answer the following questions and support your answers from the weekly reading:

If a leaders job is to develop the future of the organization how does motivation and empowerment fit in to this role? Be sure to explain the difference between the two ideas and ways that both motivation and empowerment should be used in the job the leader does.

Why is it important for the leader to empower? Why can’t the manager do the job? OR do they both do the job?

What is meant by structural empowerment? Why is it important to the leader?

Learning Activity 3

Research telecommuting and flat organizational structures and how they serve to encourage or not encourage employee satisfaction.

Bring your supported observations to the class for discussion.

Please read the readings first..

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