If you discuss risky sexual behavior a include content on reproductive health

Project # 2 Module 7 Due Date: Monday 11:59pm Following Module #6 Learning Objectives A: Use your creativity and technology to develop educational materials B: Apply this semester’s work and develop educational materials. C: Consider social determinants of health in your development of materials. D. Use evidence-based information in your content. Assignment Description In this assignment, you will develop materials to educate a population on an important health topic or issue. You will target subsections of the population and develop creative materials that uses technology. Step-by-Step Directions This assignment is worth 20 points. This assignment is a good opportunity for you to concretely demonstrate your mastery of the material and its relevance to public health education. 1. Website (20 pts) – Students will create a website (mock-up) on a mental health topic for middle school or high school students. This information should be geared toward adolescents/teenagers to inform them about mental health and signs and symptoms of mental illness. You can focus on any number of topics related to mental health including suicide, bullying, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and/or substance use among others. This assignment is due by Thursday 2/25 at 11:59pm. You should include at least 5 citations total from a referred publication using APA style. See “Resources” for details regarding how to cite in word and using PubMed or the NCCU Library to locating literature. Assessment This project is worth 20 points. Grading Rubric (Website Mock-up): Summary of problem (define and describe mental health issue): 10 pts. Include descriptions of some biology/physiology/function related to the topic that you chose. For example, if you discuss depression or suicidal ideation include the brain and nervous system. If you choose substance use discuss the blood or how an inhalant enters the body (i.e., respiratory health). If you discuss risky sexual behavior a include content on reproductive health.10 pts. Describe contributors to health disparities: 5 pts. Include at least 7 sections on your “website” At least five citations (go to the literature and find evidence to support your information): 2.5pts. Grammar/Typos (proofread and spellcheck your submission): 2.5 pts. Materials and Technology Needed Website: view these websites: https://www.mentalhealth.gov/ or or . You are to create something like this that is targeting a group. For example. “Mental health in Black teens” or topic “Preventing suicide in adolescents”. You are only to make a mock-up of a website, you ARE NOT required to pay or publish this site. You may use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher to develop your mock-up. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE FROM THE INTERNET FROM ANY ONLINE OR PUBLISHED SOURCE. THIS IS PLAGIRISM, EVEN IF YOU PROPERLY CITE THE SOURCE. I am interested in your thoughts and perceptions

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