Two young men are window shopping in an affluent shopping area. One of the young men is white and the other is Hispanic. The Hispanic young man is stopped and asked for identification. The police officer questions him at great length while his companion is not asked any questions and is left to watch his friend being questioned.

Discrimination is defined by our textbook as “differential treatment of groups without reference to an individual’s behavior or qualification.”

If you were a victim of discrimination, (treated unfairly because of characteristics you possess rather than your ability), which type of discrimination would you consider to be the most harmful and why? Please define the three types of discrimination and provide an example of each.

  • As a country, is America clear about its race, class, and gender expectations? Justify. Also, discuss the current state of minorities in the criminal justice system. Over the last few decades, have conditions improved for minorities? Why or why not? If things have changed, what precipitated these changes? If the condition of minorities has not improved, what factors have held back this change?
  • America has often been divided into various categories based on race, class, and gender. Based on these three categories, which have the greatest effect on an individual’s likelihood of becoming both a victim and an offender? Please be specific. You may combine categories in order to illustrate who is more likely to become a victim and an offender.

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