I have 3 Questions that need to be answered. A minimum of 5 sentence per response

Question 1

You have just attended a conference on the valuation of assets. The company you work for is especially concerned with the balance sheet presentation of Property, Plant, and Equipment. You see this as an opportunity to present these new ideas to your boss. What would be the key points you would address with your boss and why?

Question 2

As this module has pointed out, there are five main steps in the decision making process. Head over to Guidelines for Cost Accounting and take some time to refresh your memory of them before you complete the discussion.

How would you use this five-step process in day-to-day cost accounting and management accounting practices to better develop a set of standards and guidance for use in a business?

Question 3

Imagine you work for a small used-bookstore. How could information systems be used to support order fulfillment? Within this system what is the most important information to capture?

Now consider a larger organization such as a computer repair shop. What are some of the benefits of utilizing a system like this in a medium-sized business? Are there different considerations that need addressing?

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