US Court System
APA format – in-text citations, minimum of two (2) sources one must be the attached textbook.

In 500 words or more, explain all of the steps in the Criminal Justice Process from beginning to end. Be sure to give specific events or decisions that occur at each point in the process. Include the main players for each event, and the decisions or actions they take that affect the case at that point.

In 200 words or more, choose one particular step in the Criminal Justice Process and explain how that particular step in the process is supposed to protect certain rights of the Defendant, including where that right (or rights) can be found in the law [“Law on the Books”]. Determine if these rights are actually protected during this step [“Law in Action”].

The Criminal Justice Process can be rather confusing for those involved (most especially for Defendants and Victims). Is there a way to streamline or simplify the process? List some changes that could be made to make the process more efficient, and how that would be an improvement on the current system. Word Count – 200 minimum

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