Respond to other student’s initial Discussion Questions (DQ) responses listed below according to these guidelines

Substantive Posts must meet the following criteria:

–          200-300 word count, excluding citations and references

–          Responses should draw from the assigned readings, outside research, and/or professional experience

–          Utilize in-text citations and references, as appropriate (optional)

(the initial DQ was In the event that your company had the opportunity to diversify into other products or businesses of your choosing, would you opt to pursue related diversification, unrelated diversification, or a combination of both? Explain why.)

1st response

I think that it is great to take a look at all of the aspects of the class that we have been learning over the past 7 weeks. I guess I am out of the ordinary schedule as to when this particular course is offered because I  have just been working classes in when they fit and I have 4 classes left before graduating in December. I guess what surprise me the most is that when you take a closer look at certain stragedies   like the business model etc you can find additional things that needs to go in to your plan as your  business progresses and it is good to take a look at your objectives peridiocatically to get new insights into what is working and what is not and adjust accordingly. I plan on staying current in regards to this particular class just be readdressing the aspects of this class more often as my career grows. In regards to the other classes that I have taken which are mainly accounting classes it is just keeping up with the current laws and in taking the CPA exam, keeping up with the continuing education classes as needed. I will say that I am not familiar with any professional organizations that I affiliate with. I have heard of classmates and co workers doing so but I have not been a part of that. As for a leader I would have to look within the organization that I work with now.  It is the CFO of the company. He has been awarded in the Wichita Business Journal for CFO recognition of the year. He is a great leader. He listens to his employees and is very knowledgeable and personable. He has great morals in life and business and I will strive to match his standards

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