Video #4: (Links to an external site.)Major Agents of Socialization

This video gives a very brief review of the major agents of socialization in most societies. Give short answers to 4 of the 5 questions below, and choose one of them to write a paragraph about.  Number from 1-5, and if more than one of them is paragraph length, designate somehow which one you want me to grade as your paragraph.

1) The family is for most people the most influential of all the agents of socialization. Has that been true for you – and in what ways has your family played a significant role in shaping you into the person you are today?

2) In what ways has education helped you understand the functioning of the larger society around you?

3) The video states that religion plays a major role in everyone’s life.  Do you agree with that statement – and has it played a major role in your life?  If so, how?  If not, why not?

4) In what ways have your peer groups (childhood, adolescent, or adult) helped to shape or reinforce your identity? Research has shown that peer groups can play an even MORE influential role in our socialization during adolescence than any other agent of socialization but that over time, the family is still the primary agent.  Was true for you in any way?

5) In what way(s) have the mass media most significantly influenced your attitudes, opinions, or behaviors? This may take some thought.

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