You heard a lot about entrepreneurship in last night’s class. Now, go find an entrepreneur and interview them.

Find someone who has taken a risk and started their own business from the bottom up for your interview. 

Please read this ENTIRE assignment before contacting your entrepreneur. YOU may not interview a student from any university, so please don’t ask me if you can. I’ll just say no.

For this assignment, you are going to do two things: 

  1. Find a professional entrepreneurand, asking the questions below, interview them about the role creativity has taken in their work. Mark this section as “Them.”
  2. Think about their answer and then explain how their response might apply to you in your life. Mark this section as, “Me.”

1) I’ve made this simple: YOU MUST ask your entrepreneur the four questions listed below.  Beyond these four questions, you are welcome to ask them others for your own knowledge and curiosity, but the assignment only requires that you submit responses for the four questions below.

Before you interview your professional, you will need to explain to them what you mean by “creativity,” so read or send them this text:

“Creative thinking is “thinking differently” in order to solve difficult problems or challenges. “It’s the the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.”


  1. Why do you think you are a creative person? Please elaborate.
  2. In what ways have you employed creative thinking in your work? Please be specific and give examples. 
  3. Please explain your creative process. For example, are there techniques or steps you use to solve problems, to think differently, more creatively?
  4. Not all ideas and efforts can be successful, so how do you feel about the role of failure in what you do? Please elaborate and give examples.

Please precede each response with its question. 

2) Below your entrepreneur’s answer I want you to explain how their response applies to you. So under each question you will have two parts:

  1. Their answer. Precede their response with [Them]
  2. Your personal thoughts about their answer and how it applies to your life (mark this section as [Me]

Additionally, your document:

  • At the top of the page:
    Your name here: (12 pt. single spaced.}}
    The person’s name, job title and email address (on one line)
    The name of the business they created and what it does. Two lines max.
    Their duties at work (what they do). Two lines max.
  • Must fill at least four full pages, one question answered per page. If you write less, you will lose points. Edit to fit one answer per page.  If the person you interviewed didn’t provide enough information to fill the required space, you will have to get back to them for more content or do some research on creativity in order to intelligently elaborate on their response. The excuse, “That was all they gave me” will not help you.
  • Must be written on a computer using upper- and lower-case type (not all CAPS). Be single-spaced, using 12-pt. Arial type.( you may have a line between questions). You
  • Write my four questions before each of the responses in bold face type. You may put a single line between the question and your response. You may put two spaces between questions. .
  • Use full sentences. Your report must be well-written. If you are not a native English speaker, have someone read your paper before turning in so that points are not deducted. Ignorance of the language is no excuse.
  • I only want to see my four questions and your answers to them. This is critical for grading consistency. If you ask additional questions (because you’re wonderfully curious!!), please blend the answers into one of the four questions above.)

Turn in:

You must turn in a PDF document, (NOT, for example, a Word or Pages file. Both can be saved as a PDF format).

Submit to D2L dropbox: Interview an Entrepreneur

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