The assignment consist on making a 150 words comment or response to the responses #1 and #2 of the case bellow (150 words for each response)

In your opinion what personal characteristics are employers looking for in individuals whom they consider for long-term employment and probable advancement in the organization? To what extent can one develop these characteristics?

The 86 % of employer are looking for someone that have a lot of personality more than educational skill because with personality are capable to resolve problem, another good point is the feel that employer has with the candidate, they know that going to be long hours together and have to fluid a cordial communication, also look the professional aspect Employers are looking for employees who will be strictly professional in their dealings with colleagues and clients. They want employees who will represent the company well and know how to interact in a business environment. How can an employer tell if you are professional, the way you dress, speak, and carry yourself all speak to your professionalism or lack thereof. Before going into an interview, it will benefit you greatly to study the corporate culture of the organization and to dress accordingly. Enter the interview ready to shake hands and answer questions in a professional, well-thought-out manner. Avoid texting or using electronics while you wait for your interview, though bringing your tablet can signal to an employer that you are tech-savvy. Also the loyalty and confidentiality are very important to achieve a great relationship between employee and employer.

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