After reading Chapters 14 and 19 and viewing the audio lectures/youtube videos, please respond to the following:

With regard to Chapter 14, it is possible to compare prices for products at many Internet sites. But how do you know that the lowest price product will be delivered on time and as expected? One way is to go to a Web site that compares both prices and retailer reputation. One such site is BizRate collects feedback from customers immediately after they buy. Customers rate which stores are good, why they are good, and how their service varies.

Go to the Web site at Search for price information for digital cameras. (Sometimes the web address for a location changes. You might need to search to find the exact location mentioned.)

1. In your opinion, which features of the product are important in comparing the cameras? How important would the brand name be in your product selection?

2. Choose one camera model and compare prices for various vendors. Is there a relationship between price and customer satisfaction?

3. In thinking about Chapter 19, why is it so important to manage an organization’s idle cash? How would you go about investing a firm’s cash? Would you invest in T-Bills, CD’s, Stocks, Bonds, or Mutual Funds? Why?

4. Choose any conept from Chapter 14 or 19 that was of particuluar interest to you. Why do you find it interesting and how do you think it can be applied in business?

5. Please view the above video on reading an online stock quote. Next, go to and look up a stock quote for a large company of your choice. What can you tell us about this organization? Make sure you read recent articles on the company, as recent/current events can impact on a stock price.

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