You have recently been hired as the CEO of Cosmetics, Inc., a retail chain that sells high end cosmetics products for women and men. A few weeks after assuming your new duties you realize that the company has far greater potential than it has demonstrated to date. You decide, therefore, to expand the company position into the international markets, opening stores in Japan, and South Korea. Your plan is to make this expansion the first in a long term plan to also market your product and open stores in Brazil, Russia, India, and China (referred to as BRIC).

Using the information in chapters 3 – 5 in our text provide a detailed explanation for which organizational structure would best support your plans for expansion and how you might organize your teams to achieve maximum efficiencies. Last, what kind of leadership will you need within your organization in order to make your vision successful?

In 3 pages, explain the rationale for your decision, using APA format (no need for an abstract), doubled spaced, using 12 font.

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