Part 2: Intelligence Brief

This analysis exercise is the second part of a three-part course project:

Write an intelligence brief indicating the potential threat and possible next targets of your selected terrorist organization.


Use the attached template to format your paper

For the terrorist organization you selected in the earlier assignment (part 1), use your textbook, the Internet and other resources to collect intelligence on potential risks. Use the following questions to help guide your research:

  • What is the current threat level of the organization?
  • What recent attacks has the organization been associated with?
  • What are potential targets for the future?
  • Has the organization appeared in the media lately?
  • What current events might spark a reaction from this group?
  • Have any agencies received information regarding increased suspicious activity?

If necessary, search the web for sample intelligence briefs for ideas on what content to include in the brief. Try sites like the U.S. Department of Justice, the SITE Institute, DHS or other intelligence-related websites to start your search.

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