Invent and describe two additional selective hypotheses for the contagious nature of yawning behavior. You must describe how each of your new hypotheses explain the contagious nature of yawning (i.e., what causes an increase in fitness for individuals that catch yawns from others.)

Create an experiment, observation or comparative study to test one of these hypotheses. Clearly describe your study subjects and conditions, the data that you will collect (i.e., what values are measured), and which observable patterns would support your hypothesis and which would not.

Remember that the contagious aspect of yawning is why it is interesting. Your hypothesis MUST explain this aspect of yawning, not just describe how the yawns themselves are beneficial.

I have already done these:

Hypothesis 1: Yawns are a vestigial behavior from overt competitive displays and this explains their contagion, which is a threat response.

Hypothesis 4: No relationship between yawning and fitness.

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