Topic: The “Gender Gap” in Education

For many years, there has been a gap in education. In this, girls and women have been ignored to a point that they have been short-charged in male dominated school. In this, female students have been seen not to be doing well in math and science. The reason why female students have been ignored in many societies is because of the strongly held beliefs and values (DiPrete & Buchmann, 2013). In many cultures around the world, male students have been seen to be important to woman in terms of responsibilities that they have within the community and therefore boys have been given more education opportunities. In the recent past, the trend has changed because of the strategies that have been put in place in order to advocate for the rights of girls and women within the society.

The question that this research tries to answer is: – Is attention in education sector being focused more on girls and women?

TEACHER:I think this is a good topic. However, I’m not sure if the question you are asking is the best one to research. What do you mean by “attention being focused on girls and women”? How will you determine if attention is being focused in this way?

Consider what you’d like to find out through your research that might help you in your own future classroom. Is there another question that you could explore that would reveal more helpful information?


I’m not sure exactly what you mean about the women and girls receiving the education. However do you mean by within the United States or just females in general? It is a very interesting topic it would definitely be something I would read however I’m just not sure of what you mean yet.

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