10 science questions

According to Dyball & Newell, when Alex used body lotions and moisturizers to replace the oils she had washed away in the shower, she unknowingly endangered Orangutans. EXPLAIN:

It is possible for Earth’s systems to provide the same level of resources as you or I or Alex consume for all of the humans on Earth. EXPLAIN:

Human ecology is not content to merely describe the world as it is: it is fundamentally concerned with how the world ought to be. EXPLAIN:

Is the way Alex lives ethically defensible? Why or why not?

The field of Human Ecology is transdisciplinary, EXPLAIN:

What is social equity? What is ecological sustainability?

How are social equity and ecological sustainability interconnected?

7. What is the overall effect of the Aboriginal peoples’ activities on the material balance of the landscape? Explain:

8. The culture and worldview of the new European arrivals to colonial Australia:

espoused a view of social justice for all humans.

was one that believed the environment was there to be dominated and controlled.

were much more sophisticated in regard to ecosystems than that of the Aboriginal peoples.

had little effect on the native peoples or ecosystems of Australia.

9. Why did engineers and planners think it was a good thing, at the time, to destroy the Snowy River?

10. Why do well-intentioned human interventions designed to solve human-ecological problems typically fail and actually make matters worse environmentally or socially or both?

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