Please name your Java file /class as, e.g.,

Input file: hw3Data.csv Assumption: There are less than 10,000 records in h33Data.csv

The data file “hw3Data.csv” is a csv (comma separate value) file and contains 3 fields, separated by commas, on each line:

Property ID, County, Price Listed below are some sample lines:

119736,CLAY COUNTY,792148.9

448094,CLAY COUNTY,1438163.57

206893,CLAY COUNTY,192476.78

333743,CLAY COUNTY,86854.48

172534,CLAY COUNTY,246144.49

Please develop a Java program to:

1. Read all data records from hw3Data.csv file into 2 data structures:

An object array of MyRecord (MyRecord class was developed in Project #2.)


2. Sort records in descending order by Price (largest first) and display the CPU used for such an operation. Perform these operations against the object array of MyRecord and java.util.ArrayList.

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