April 28, 2015: Malware is said to be morphing into new forms, according to an article by Computerworld at http://www.computerworld.com/article/2915958/security0/malware-remodeled-new-tricks-new-suits-slamming-enterprise-resources.html?phint=newt%3Dcomputerworld_security&phint=idg_eid%3De906f93e1376704f5965bd3462b84e93#tk.CTWNLE_nlt_security_2015-04-29. After students read the article, perhaps many of them will not understand many of the terms and will become more afraid. Ask them to answer the following in a discussion:

(1) How many of you are very pessimistic about your on-line safety? Why?

(2) How many of you are optimistic about your own on-line safety? Why?

(3) How many of you don’t use an anti-virus program? Why?

(4) How does putting virus signatures in the cloud help users and anti-virus vendors?


1.350 words

2.no plagarism


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