PlEASE USE ATTACHED WORKSHEET. and use a source that is within 5 years. Clear identification of the problem or opportunity is the first step in evidence-based nursing. This assignment offers a tool to assist in the identification of the problem, proposed intervention, and desired outcomes. Completion of the assignment will include identification of the problem or concern using the PICOT format. P-Adult patients that are not ambulatory that arrive to the emergency department. I-Initiating pressure ulcer prevention treatments upon the arrival to the ED. C- Not using pressure ulcer prevention. O- Decrease in hospital acquired pressure ulcers that could have been prevented at the start of the emergency room visit. T- Emergency room stay and possible hospital admission. Researchable Question: If adult patients who are non ambulatory arrive at the Emergency Department, pressure ulcer prevention should definitely be started at the start of their arrival, compared to not identifying or using pressure ulcer prevention protocols to decrease hospital acquired pressure ulcers and to lower cost of treating a pressure ulcer.

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