I would need at least 5 questions answered.

  1. Does this week’s description of “spontaneous recovery” and “renewal” remind you of anything we’ve discussed previously?
  2. Describe an extinction trial contained within systematic desensitization, flooding, or in vivo exposure.
  3. As you think about therapies for problematic fears, do you see any safety signals introduced in them (either deliberately or inadvertently?)
  4. Why do you think the lecture qualifies “neighbor” with “new” and “motorcycle” with “custom”?
  5. Please define “stimulus generalization” as it applies to classically conditioned responses.
  6. Please define higher order conditioning.
  7. What is meant by “forward pairing? in terms of the arrangements of stimuli in classical conditioning trials?
  8. Please craft an example (it can be hypothetical) of the acquisition of a taste aversion through experience. Use a trace conditioning stimulus arrangement in your example.
  9. Classical conditioning has other names. What are they?
  10. You read my personal story involving gasoline…Do you se how the classical conditioning paradigm might fit here?
  11. What’s the difference between extinction and habituation?

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