IMPORTANT: Paragraphs should consist of a minimum of three or more sentences. Complete sentences, grammar, punctuation, and logical flow are important. Do not repeat the assignment in your essay.

If you paraphrase or directly quote work of others, they must be properly cited-references; use APA format. Please see the following on APA citations-references:

Citations-References (Links to an external site.)

APA-Internet Articles (Links to an external site.)

This is for an Entrepreneurship class and the book used for this class is ‘Entrepreneurship, 3/E by William Bygrave and Andrew Zacharakis’

[From Chapter 12 of the above book]   List the common business entities and describe them.

[From Chapter 13 of the above book]   1) What is the danger of chasing too many opportunities?  2) Explain the significance of the opportunity domain.

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