List the different roles in a buying center..


I need complete 2-3 pages paper on the following instructions. Must address each question properly with headings. Must include 2-3 references cited in APA. The citations must be proper. Paper must include proper introduction, body and conclusion. Your answer must be 100% original.



Apply the buying center concept to a firm, a nonprofit organization, or a government agency you work for, or are familiar with, for the purchase of new laptop computers for their employees.

  1. 1.      List the different roles in a buying center.
  2. 2.      Identify who, from your selected firm, nonprofit organization, or government agency, would occupy the different roles of the buying center.
  3. 3.      Discuss the reason for selecting these job titles or departments for the various roles in the buying center.
  4. 4.      Which members of the buying center should the salesperson focus on when selling to your firm? Why?
  5. 5.      Outline how the buying process differs between organizations and consumers.

List the different roles in a buying center.

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