Longevity and Living Arrangements

Write a response stating for the following prompt. Discuss the topic with your fellow classmates.


What might be some limitations of having your elderly parents/grandparents live with you? What are some benefits of having elderly family living with you? Under what conditions do you think it would be most difficult to take in your aging parent(s)/grandparent(s)? Do you plan to live with your children when you become elderly? If not, what options would you consider and why?

From the prospective of the elderly person, what emotional and social issues might the elderly person have to come to terms with if they do have to live with children/grandchildren?

Minimum of 250 word discussion post to be posted by Monday, July 15th for full credit! Minimum of two replies to fellow students, four well thought-out sentences minimum.

Grading for all discussions will be based on the following rubric:

First Post (answer to prompt):

Grade based on Content/Grammar/Spelling/Level of Writing

70% or 35 points

Main Post Posted Before the Due Date (Not on the due date)
This allows others ample opportunity to respond to your main post. Online interaction is an integral part of the course

15% or 7.5 points

Replies: 2 comments more than 2 sentences

Grade based on Content/Grammar/Spelling/Level of Writing

15% or 7.5 points


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