Part 1: Terms

Look up and provide two definitions of the word “art” from two different reliable sources. Be sure to properly quote and cite these definitions—tell me where they are coming from. Please state if you feel the definitions are incomplete in any way. These definitions should come from two different sources (be creative!) and be included in the text. Do not numerate them or put them in bullet form.

Part 2: Examples

Select one specific example of two of the types of art listed below. Your examples should be by established artists. (Your little sister’s drawing on the fridge doesn’t count.) Write a brief description of the work followed by an explanation of why the examples you provided for each type exemplifies the definition(s) of the word “art.”

  1. Painting
  2. Sculpture
  3. Architecture
  4. Photography

Do not numerate the categories in your paper. Remember, this is an essay and should be in essay form.

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