Make a PowerPoint presentation on the subject Monsanto Roundup fertilizer causing cancer.

You must to do 12 Power Point slides with detailed notes for each slide. Also, you have to cite the outside source in the reference page.

This PowerPoint presentation must include the following:

a. An Introduction: in your introduction you must clearly say your propose and how you will do that. The best way to do that is by adding a short video with max 30 seconds related to the topic (add detailed notes about the video) and try to select an interesting video in order to grape audience attention (Videos does not count as slide). Also, don’t forget to explain in detail for each slide in the notes section under each slide

b. Content:What are you going to talk about and how you will do that, and here in your presentation about Monsanto Roundup fertilizer causing canceryou need to say the following:

  • History of this Monsanto Roundup fertilizer causing cancer
  • Why it’s causing censer and how?
  • Experiments and studies
  • Research and what are the solutions
  • Suggestions or recommendations
  • Any additional information you think its valuable and interesting to be added.

Overview: restate your introduction and make your end power point presentation interesting by adding a short video to it max 30 Seconds with detailed notes about the video

d. Add pictures and visual ads to your power point presentation to make it interesting.

e. Don’t add too much word to slides, the maximum length here is 6 lines per slide and each line contains 6 words maximum.

This work must be done in 2 days maximum.

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