Multicultural Population Selection

    • Select a multicultural population on which to focus your multicultural population research paper. The population you select must be one with which you do not personally identify.

  • Asian Americans focus on the Philippines culture.

  • Multicultural Population Research Paper
    • Submit an 8- to 10-page paper that focuses on the factors unique to the multicultural population in terms of psychological assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. This paper should include all factors that are relevant to working with the population you selected, including the following:
      • A description of the population’s cultural mores and norms and an explanation of the intersection of identity and the subsequent relationship to this population’s worldview
      • An explanation of the potential multicultural concerns and therapeutic needs related to psychological assessment, diagnosis and treatment for this population
      • An explanation of the factors a psychologist should keep in mind when working with these clients
      • An explanation of any additional information deemed relevant for the psychologist when working with this population

The paper must include a minimum of 10 primary references from the psychological literature that focus on the cultural mores, norms, identities, and multicultural concerns related to psychological assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for the population you selected. Supplemental resources are recommended and encouraged.

Be sure to cite in APA format all references used in the development of this Final Project both within the paper and in a bibliography.

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