totally I Need 2 responses for those 2 discussion answers,one for each. The responses must be a thoughtful response, which means that you must respond by posting that the peer made a good point. You will need provide some analysis of the peer posting for it to be acceptable for academic credit. Dont need too long just 1 paragraph. here is a example for response 1 Yes, i am agreeing with you. The potential drawback of inward investment by Cemex in an economy was the competition generated. These competition kills local cement industry. Since multinational corporations often have more financial power and experience as compared to the local manufacturers, they often end up edging out the nascent local companies. Besides, foreign investor may exploit of local raw material and laborers in order to reduce their costs of production. For example, multinational corporation like Nike had been criticized for allowing their suppliers to pay below the minimum wage, excessive working hours and failing to provide safe working conditions in 90s. 2.

well done on writing such a detailed explanation regarding Cemex. I

agree with your points as well especially the reasons that caused Cemex

to expand internationally. It was probably the best decision the company

has made as they have successfully acquired so many cement plants.

Also, regarding Cemex’s FDI, I felt that they did not choose licensing

because there are many limitations to it such as it may cause a firm to

give away valuable technology know-how to a potential foreign competitor

(Hill & Hult, 2018).

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