In discussing Organizational Excellence, let’s start with an analysis of your organization or one with which you are familiar. Take the Organizational Diagnosis Questionnaire attached that is found below. Provide a detailed analysis of what is working and what is not working.

part 2: we need to respond to two of my classmates posts.

Required Text book

Slack, N., Brandon-Jones, A. & Johnston, R. (2016). Operations management. 8th ed. Pearson. ISBN: 9781292098678 (text is available as hard cover and electronic versions)

Other articles and readings may be assigned by course professor.

Recommended Materials/Resources

Please use the following journal titles, Web sites, and/or keywords to search for supplementary information to augment your learning in this subject.

  • Journal of Operations Management
  • Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management
  • Business Process Management Journal
  • International Journal of Logistics Management
  • McKinsey Quarterly
  • Process Excellence Network
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