Huey Long had some definite ideas about what it was to be a king. In this unit, you have read several different authors who would have had a variety of feelings about what it is to be a king.

Take a minute and consider, what is it that would make you a king or a queen? Is it diamonds and pearls? Is it a castle on a hill or a house on a quiet lane? Is it being truly content? Is it having good friends or an abundance of stuff?

Your assignment is to write a one-page article entitled, “To Be A King.” Your article will describe a day in the life of someone you consider to be living a royal life.

In this assignment, be both creative and descriptive. Your reader should have a strong mental picture for a day in the life of a royal. Your assignment will be graded using the 6+1 Writing Traits Rubric which can be found in the introduction of this course.

When you have followed all steps of the writing process and are satisfied with your article, please submit this assignment. Please remember to document your sources.

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