MGT Assignment Part 2 – Recruitment & Selection Strategy
 Grade is worth 15%

In week 12, your report is due.  Using Assignment Part A report as a basis, you will submit the following:

  1. Outline a plan for recruiting individuals into the target position. The target position is the job that you wrote the job description and job specification in part A.  The plan should consider recruitment sources (internal, external or both), recruitment outlets (job ads, agencies etc), profile of the people being targeted, cost, efficiency, and reaching minority group communities.  The logic/rationale for each aspect of the recruitment plan must be clearly specified.  Do not forget to mention the utility of social media networking, as explored in your Network-Social Media project. This is the body of your assignment.  This should be no more than six pages.
  2. Include a professionally created advertisement for the position in your appendix. Consider that this job posting will be viewed by the public. Consider any legal considerations in your job posting.
  • Map assessment tools to the required KSAO (by way of a matrix) and provide a rationale for selecting each specific assessment tool. An example of the matrix is provided in the Assignment Part B folder. The matrix is included in your appendix.
  1. Describe how various assessment tools for the position will be used in making the selection system. For example, what order will the tools be administered? Are the assessment tools compensatory or non-compensatory?  A less common strategy is the compensatory strategy where selection decisions are not made until a number of pieces of information have been collected about each candidate.  This way a higher score on a later assessment can compensate for a lower score on an early assessment. Outline if your assessment tools are compensatory or non-compensatory.  This is included in the body of your assignment.  This should be no more than two pages.
  2. Will a multiple hurdle selection system be used or some other decision rule? Which assessments will be done early in the candidate’s assessment process and which ones later?  Be clear on your rationale.  This is included in the body of your assignment.  This should be no more than two pages.
  3. Gather your interview guide from your mock interview session which should include

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