Read about 
Twin Oaks–a community modeled after Skinner’s novel, 
Walden Two, and watch this short 
news clip about the community as well. There is also a reprinted Washington Post article, “The Other American Dream” (
The Other American Dream) that describes life within the community. Additionally, you may want to check out the 
Twin Oaks website. After reading about the community and watching the short video, answer the following questions and 
label your responses #1-5!

You can submit your assignment here (HINT: IF YOU DON’T SEE THE TEXT BOX, THEN CLICK ON THE ASSIGNMENT HEADING TO OPEN IT UP!!). Be sure to cite your sources.

1) Why did behaviorism have such popular appeal? Explain. Be specific and thorough.

2) The following is a quote from Walden Two (by Frazier): “By a wise choice of techniques, we increase the feeling of freedom”. What do you think this could mean? Give an example of how a person might feel free but still be controlled. Additionally, give an example of how our behavior is being controlled in today’s society. Be specific and thorough.

3) Outline the strengths of behaviorism, as perceived in Watson’s time, and outline the limitations of behaviorism as a psychological perspective. Be specific and thorough.

4) Describe some of the implications of Skinner’s operant conditioning approach, and why they may have seemed sinister to some, yet hopeful and useful to others. Be specific and thorough.

5) In your opinion, is Twin Oaks a successful example of Skinner’s applied behavioral analysis approach? Why or why not? Also, do you think Skinner would have liked Twin Oaks? Why or why not? Defend your answer and explain your rationale!!! Be specific and thorough.

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