Hello, I need a paper for my World Mythology class. Write a five paragraph essay analyzing their myth. Your analysis must include a comparison to another creation myth we have read. The Methods and Materials used in the myth must be explicitly identified (use a phrase like the materials are…). The creator must be described using terms we have discussed, and you should identify as many facets of culture as you can including geography, etiologies, food sources, whether this is a patriarchal culture, and any other cultural or religious values that are self evident.

Guidelines: The paper needs to be 5 paragraphs! It needs to be 2-3 pages. I will post the myth pages as as an attachment to this. The first myth is on Inca and the 2nd myth is on Ying Yang. Both of them will be attached to this. Read the myths then write this paper. Please no Plagiarizing!! Let me know if you have any questions.

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