1. Needs Analysis: To determine a company’s needs for workplace training.

Directions: Perform a needs analysis for an organization of your choosing to determine the company’s needs for workplace training. Interview a human resource director or other manager in the company to find out what training is already being done, and to determine what gaps in training exist. Be sure to ask about the following:

? The company’s training development approach

? Target audience (new staff or existing staff)

? Skills that will be required of the trainees to meet the training objectives

2. Training Proposal: To organize your strategies for meeting at least one of the company’s training needs

Directions: Explain and justify your strategies to meet the company’s training needs with evidence from the literature, citing your sources in APA style. Include the following sections (with appropriate section headings) in your proposal:

? Objectives: What trainees will be expected to learn

? Methods: How the training will be carried out (workshop, lecture, computer-based training, hands-on activities, etc.)

? Materials: What materials will be used (textbooks, PowerPoint presentations, videos, handouts, etc.)

? Logistics: Where the training will take place including seating capacity, type of seating, equipment needs, etc.

? Evaluation: How trainee performance will be evaluated

? Schedule: How long the training will take, and how the instruction will be arranged during that timeframe

3. Training Component: To provide an example of how the training will look

Directions: Develop at least one original component of the training you have proposed (a lesson plan, lecture, activity, or other deliverable). Include sufficient details that provide for immediate implementation by the trainer.

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