Your homework: complete two (2) Opinion Briefs (catching up) – please share your opinion and keep it brief at around 3-4 short paragraphs. You can cite sources, but base your response in your own viewpoint and experiences.

Opinion Brief # 1- Personal analysis of any sports-branded mobile app (ESPN FC, CBS Sports, NFL App, NBA, Team Stream, NFL Emoji, SnapChat, Seat Geek). The app can be one that you use, have used, want to use, or have researched. If you don’t use apps, tell me which one you might find the most interesting and evaluate. Here are some questions you might consider: How is the app an effective channel for live stream, content distribution or unique fan engagement? Why is it not? Maybe choose to evaluate from the POV of a fan, programmer or advertiser – its all fair game.

Opinion Brief #2 – Is streaming the future of sports broadcasting? For the last 25 years, the internet has been challenging assumptions about how entertainment and media work. Netflix changed all of it. The idea? That movies, like TV, should come to us. Now, logging into online entertainment is as much a part of our weekly routines as video rental stores once were. But could a similar idea be poised to transform sports broadcasting? Cable companies are losing subscribers annually and haven’t added any since the year 2000. It’s more than just price, competition or programming. A generational shift is happening, and viewers are no longer interested in shelling out $$ for channels they don’t watch. They also want access to their favorite programming on multiple devices (we’ll discuss multi screen habits in the coming weeks) — “whenever you want, wherever you want” flexibility the internet has taught them to expect. Social media has also taught viewers to expect a customized experience. A menu of paid streaming services is popping up, eager to meet these expectations and welcome a new generation of customers. Existing streaming services like Hulu are also retooling to compete in this new market, and niche providers are expanding to become full-fledged cord-cutting solutions for sports fans. Tell me about your own experiences with streaming and is this a method that you will use moving forward? What is the impact on the future of sports broadcasting in your own opinion?

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