For Part 2 of your Team Database Project, you will plan a relational database that will address a simple, specific clinical question related to health care or nursing. You will determine this question and then write a paper describing in detail the database you plan to design based on your question. Your ultimate goal (Part 3) in this Team Database Project is to create a database using Microsoft Access that can answer a simple clinical question. Plan carefully to ensure that you will gather a sufficient amount of appropriate information. The project is being introduced to you this week so that when you go through the actual steps of designing and building a database, you will already have your question in mind, and thus, be better prepared to address it.

In database design, identifying the question to be asked is the most important activity. If the designers do not understand what the client wants out of the database, the database will not be useful. Time and money will be wasted. In the real world, designers return to the client at each stage of development to make sure the design is on track.

Make sure all of the team understands what questions are to be asked of the database and what type of answers you are seeking. Use plain English. Don’t worry about using a query language.

 Submit ONE 3- to 5-page paper that synthesizes all of the relevant ideas and contributions. The paper is due by Sunday 07/03/2016 before midnight.

To prepare:

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