Make sure to number each answer – Write “1” for your Q 1 answer, and “2” for your Q2 answer. Within each question, there are sub-questions A, B and it would be very helpful if you also have separate small paragraphs for each of these sub-answers (follow the same format in your answers as the questions are written). The more clearly you answer each part of each question, the easier it will be for our class GA to read and score your answers, which are based on both quality of your content and quality of your writing skills.


1. On page 453 of your textbook, please carefully read Case 11, “Nike-Spreading Out to Win the Race.”

A. How would you describe Nike’s current organizational structure – or is it a combination of structures?

B. If you were a consultant asked to help Nike redesign its structure to be more effective capturing more market share, while avoiding bad press Nike has received regarding outsourced labor practices, what recommendations would you make and why, that you believe would add value to the redesign of Nike’s structure ? It’s fine to recommend making small or big changes – whatever you think would add value.

2. On page 441-442 in your textbook, please carefully read Case 2, “Zara International – Fashion at the Speed of Light.”

A. Based on this case and your textbook readings for this week, what organizational structure or combination of organizational structures best describes Zara currently – please describe which elements of Zara fit the organizational structure(s) you choose?

B. As Zara focuses on increased online marketing and sales in the United States, do you see a need for Zara to change its current organizational structure(s), Why or Why not?

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