As future hospitality leaders, it will be your responsibility to solve problems and think critically on the fly to ensure the safety and comfortable of your guests (and employees). Please read the following scenario and provide a response. Your response should include your detailed action plan with employees and guests. Feel free to be creative with your plans but consistent with modern day hotel resources.

You are the VP of Engineering of a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, it’s Memorial Day weekend and a water riser has broken causing there to be no running water in one of your sold out towers. Please explain to me the issues and your plan of action during this challenging situation.

The paper should be a minimum of 4 pages excluding title page, 12 font (Times New Roman), 1-inch margins (top and bottom of pages) and 1.25” margins (left and right side of pages) are mandatory, headings must be used where appropriate.  Points will be deducted for papers not meeting the criteria, as well as for any grammatical errors.  Please proof read your response papers prior to submitting on WebCampus

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