Assignment 3A

Each student will prepare a short discussion of a current event article on an issue in Business or Business Management that is related to the objectives of the course.   Select a news item and discuss it with the class via this forum.

Discuss a news item or event that has arisen within the past month that has relevance to this course.   Include the following:

– Topic

– Date

– Source which may include radio, television, newspaper, internet, etc.

– Summary of the news item

– Conclusions or commentary about the relevance of this item to the content of this course.

Assignment 3B

Based on your readings of Everyday Economic Statistics, provide a detailed plan of what indicators and web resources would be used to respond to the subject of the Final Project. As there is no single, “perfect” response to the final project question, make sure you provide source data and analysis to support your position, including cited reference in APA format.  Your Final Project requires that you offer at least 5 good reasons in justifying your position, so it is best to start now as you complete your milestones how you will approach this.

Please have 3 economic indicators and 3 web sites identified for this milestone.

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