Provide a list of three to four faculty members whom you could ask to serve as your dissertation committee Chair or as potential committee Member

Assignment: Dissertation Committee Your dissertation committee has two primary responsibilities. One is to ensure that your dissertation meets academic and scholarly standards as defined by Walden University and the academic field. The other is to mentor you throughout the dissertation process. Those who serve on your dissertation committee can provide valuable insight into how to structure and perform your dissertation research. Thus, it is important to consider carefully those whom you will ask to assist you. To prepare for this Assignment, peruse the Walden PhD Nursing Faculty Dissertation Committee list for faculty members eligible for Dissertation Committee work. The list is posted in Doc Sharing. Based on your projected research topic, select three or four individuals who might be appropriate to serve as your dissertation committee Chair or committee member. Please note: your Chair must be from Nursing and hold a PhD. The committee member must also have an earned doctorate and can be from Nursing but if you have someone from another profession or college within Walden University, it may be possible for that faculty member to be on your committee. You must designate one committee member as your methods expert and one who will serve as a content expert. The Chair can be either the content or methods expert. You will send this email during the last quarter of your coursework along with your premise and nomination forms to your faculty nominee for Chair and for Member. If you are in the last term of your coursework now, you can send the email with your premise and nomination forms when you receive feedback from your instructor. If this is not your last quarter of coursework, keep the email until your last quarter prior to entering NURS 9000 Dissertation. The nomination form is linked in Doc Sharing. The Assignment (2–3 pages): Provide a list of three to four faculty members whom you could ask to serve as your dissertation committee Chair or as potential committee Member. List them according to your preference. Explain why you selected each individual and the role (i.e., dissertation Chair or dissertation committee Member) you think each could play on your committee. Designate each as methods of content expert. Compose a draft e-mail that you would send to faculty who could serve as your dissertation committee Chair. The e-mail should include an introduction of yourself, when you plan to register for NURS 9000, a description of your topic, and a summary (4–5 sentences) of what you have found thus far in the literature. Note: This draft e-mail is first submitted for review to the Instructor and is not to be sent to prospective committee members at this time. Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the Learning Resources for this course.

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