Answer any two of the following questionsa

  • Do you believe corporate governance should be narrowly defined to encompass shareholders only or more broadly to incorporate all stakeholders? Explain your answer.
  • Of the external factors impacting corporate governance, which do you believe is likely to be the most important? Be specific.
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the friendly versus hostile approaches to corporate takeovers. Be specific.
  • Do you believe that corporate takeover defenses are more motivated by the target’s managers attempting to entrench themselves or to negotiate a higher price for their shareholders? Be specific.

Define the following terms:

  • Bear hugs
  • Street sweeps
  • Proxy contests
  • Tender offers
  • Poison pills
  • Shark repellants
  • Golden parachutes
  • Anti-greenmail
  • Super-voting stock
  • re-incorporation
  • Greenmail
  • Standstill agreement
  • Pac-man defense
  • White knights

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