DO the research to respond to the following questions:

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying history beginning with Reconstruction 1877 until 2013?

2. What economic ramifications would have resulted if the Industrial Revolution did not ’taken place

3. What was the name of the women’s organization that supported voting rights of all women during wartime?

Keep in mind that your Scavenger Hunt 4 write up must consist of four paragraphs. Any ideas or words borrowed from other peoples’ work must be documented with a formal reference to the original author, to give this person credit for their ides you borrow and use in your discussion forum response. Refer to the scavenger hunt forum rubric posted in course documents to get additional information on what an adequate response post is for our class. APA style rubric is also posted in the course documents area

You should still have the login in information for my textbook. Chapter 26-27 will help you with the questions

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