This is the outline of the case study

Arbitration Case

Summary of the case- problem and background

1. Why did management impose the ban on cellular phones in the first place? Do you think the ban was justified?

2. Is it reasonable for the union to argue that a ban on the use of cellular phones by union stewards and health and safety representatives constitutes interference with the union’s workplace activities?

3. What would your decision have been had you been the arbitrator? Why?

4. Would the fact that outside contractors are allowed to use cellular phones, at least under certain conditions, affect your decision in this case?

5. The union has served notice that if this grievance 1s denied, it will challenge the ban as an unfair labour practice. Do you agree with this approach? If not, what alternative course might the union take?

All you need to do is SUMMARY OF THE CASE and NO.5 which I underlined.

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