read those 3 article , online

require to submit 1000 to 1500 word thought papers . the thought paper focus on developping a deeper unserstanding of a concept or theoretical perspective through explication, critique , and application . in pdf format .

writen assigment should be formatted as follows:

font: time new roman

font size : 11

paragraph aligment : justified

paragraph identation : 0.5 inch

line spacing : double

margins : 1 inch

Nguyen, Q. T. K. (2017) Multinationality and performance literature: a critical review and future research agenda. Management International Review, 57 (3). pp. 311­347. ISSN 1861­8901 doi:­016­0290­y Available at

The Dynamics of Regional and Global Multinationals, 1999-2008 By Hoon Oh, Chang; M. Rugman[dagger], Alan

Success Factors of Regional Strategies for Multinational Corporations: Exploring the Appropriate Degree of Regional Management Autonomy and Regional Product/Service Adaptation

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