Examine the team building techniques found in the PMI article titled “Team Building and Development in a Matrix Environment” located at https://www.pmiwdc.org/article/karen-davey-winter/team-building-and-development-matrix-environment. Then, give your opinion on the manner in which team dynamics affects communication and conflict resolution among its members.


“Risk Management”

Identify the key risks (both positive and negative) associated with embarking on a graduate program. Describe the likelihood and the potential impact of such risks



Social Media in Stakeholder management”

Recommend ways to use social media in stakeholder management. This can include social media features in software such as chatter in salesforce or the ability to +1 in Google groups when used as intranets


Project Management”

Reflect on the importance of project management in project success. Give your opinion on personality traits that make a good project manager.


“Economic Factors” Please respond to the following:

  1. Reflect upon the economic factors that would lead a CIO to consider outsourcing or offshoring critical IT segments (i.e., help desk support, software development, and quality assurance) as a viable option for an organization
  2. Analyze three economic factors that could lead the CIO down the path of outsourcing or offshoring.
  1. Assess whether or not economic factors lead to the same level of IT outsourcing or offshoring decisions, despite the business or industry. Explain your answer.


“Social Networking” Please respond to the following:

  1. List three positive and three negative impacts of social networking. In your opinion, determine whether the positive impacts outweigh the negative impacts for a company determined to increase company awareness. Describe the role of the CIO in relationship to social networking and the organization. Describe the key activities that the CIO should be engaged in.
  1. Discuss ways that the IT organization can counter the negative impacts of social networking. Explain how the IT organization can maintain an ethical posture while managing organizational behavior related to social networking.


Top of Form

“Data Protection and Security” Please respond to the following:

  1. As the CIO of a company engaged in business today, one of the main areas of focus is data protection. Discuss the key data protection points that must be taken into consideration prior to a strategy plan and policy being established for a company that has large data repositories and numerous external partners.
  1. Assess the value that the International Standards Organization (ISO) provides CIOs, regardless of the industry in which the company is engaged. Explain whether adherence to the standards is essential to overall security management.


“CIO Characteristics and Qualities” Please respond to the following:
The role of CIO is the most influential capacity in the IT organization. Give your opinion on the most important characteristics and qualities of successful CIOs.

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