Now you get to become Abby. Pick one of your peer’s letters to respond to and give them advice on how to fix their writing process issues. You can cite solutions from the week’s readings, or you can be creative and come up with your own solutions. As with the initial post, be sure to use good descriptive writing when describing your solutions. You will be graded on your ability to follow the prompt’s directions, the quality and thoroughness of your content, and your adherence to the principles of Standard Academic English.

Here is the peer letter i chosen….

Dear abby,

I have a long list of problems that I actually have when it comes to the writing process. A lot of the times I don’t really know where to start when it comes to what I want to write about. Especially when it’s about something I don’t really have experience with. One of the worst things when it comes to the writing process is picking a prompt. I think that picking a prompt for a paper is hard because you have your own choice and you have to stick with whatever you chose for the whole paper. I feel like if you mess up on choosing a prompt and you don’t have the ability to actually write on the prompt, you can’t go back and are unprepared to actually write a whole paper on a prompt you can’t really write about. Another issue I for sure have when it comes to the writing process is grammar. I have tried so hard to fix my grammar on multiple occasions. As much as I have tried I just can’t find a way to actually fix my grammar. Something always goes wrong. I really need to actually pinpoint the errors of my grammar and plan how to correct them in the future. I just have no idea where to start. It feels so overwhelming to actually sit there and try to fix something that you weren’t really confident in writing when it comes to grammar. You always look at things through the wrong lenses instead of trying to figure out how to actually get better at what you want to do. If you could help me that would be great.


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