Research an emerging technology that has changed or is likely to change a current business practice (For example, self-driving technology in cars).

Use your research to write a paper on how that technology will change business practices.

As an alternative, perform an analysis on a hypothetical technology that hasn’t fully emerged yet (for example, light and inexpensive batteries that are powerful enough to replace combustion engines) and predict how business practices might change to embrace that technology

Write a paper that assesses that technology or potential change.  The paper should have appropriate APA formatting (title page, 1’’ margins, double-spaced) with at least 8 pages of content and at least 6 references.

Your paper needs to include the following components or sections:

  1. Assess the potential — what is the technology or hypothetical technology that you want to start with?
  2. How could that change impact business practices?
  3. Analyze specific projects that the new technology or process could be applied.  What benefits are there?
  4. Assess the “newness” to products and processes.
  5. What lessons can be learned through this analysis?
  6. What conclusions and recommendations might you make?

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